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Mission The Australian sports compression wear brand SKINS is in the market since some years ago. But their traditional marketing model wasn’t taking advantage of the new digital era. This situation was making the brand mislead in a market were the possibilities are big. We started the journey together with SKINS with the goal of […]

UI creations, ecommerce landing page

UI Creations

I am member of the Dribbble community, where I usually post user interfaces designs and other creations.

Ahold iPad app


Mission The Dutch international retailer Ahold came to M2Mobi looking for ideas for a recruitment sessions they have planned: Reshaping retail. Ahold wanted to create a better experience for their next recruitment sessions. Until then they were using standard paper quizzes where the participants needed to answer every question as a team. We transformed and […]

Nomads Agency

Nomads Agency redesign

Mission While working at the just founded by then Nomads Agency, we needed to upgrade the company website and create a proper experience in line with the new branding and philosophy. The goal was create a new site that quickly engages and creates the best impression at glance. Process Together with a whole team we started to research […]

Peugeot - Design your life

Design your life

Mission The new Peugeot 108 has been recently launched in The Netherlands together with the Design Your Life campaign. It was needed a activation that perfectly matched with the new car. We created the concept and Facebook was the way to go. We moved away of the classical Facebook app and went into a more […]

Schiphol App

Schiphol MTS App 2.0

Mission One of the most important airports of Europe deserves a fresh and attractive app to help their travelers. The previous experience was obsolete and needed to be improved. Process We differentiated the necessities of the different users/personas like travelers or taxi drivers, and prfioritize screens and features in order to get the best experience […]

UT - The ship that launched a thousand stories

UT – The ship that launched a thousand of stories

Mission We created a platform, “The Ship that Launched a Thousand Stories”, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the UT model by sharing stories and experiences of the marine community. The platform is also a place where the community can submit their own UT experience and start a conversation with the Rolls-Royce Marine team. The […]

Schiphol Mobile Web

Schiphol Mobile Web

Mission The mobile site of Schiphol is used almost as much as the app. Its speed, simplicity, functionalities and compatibility with all the mobile browsers make of he site a very powerful tool for all the publics. The site needed a refresh in order to improve the experience and to be inline with the app. […]

Heineken Extra Cold

Heineken Extra Cold Compass

The Compass An idea that came from Heineken and we transformed it and shaped it into a visual and simple stunning app. Together with a Heineken Extra Cold Campaign and several promotions in all kind of bars around the country, the app for iPhone and Android told you where to go in the most classic […]