Ahold iPad app



The Dutch international retailer Ahold came to M2Mobi looking for ideas for a recruitment sessions they have planned: Reshaping retail. Ahold wanted to create a better experience for their next recruitment sessions. Until then they were using standard paper quizzes where the participants needed to answer every question as a team.

We transformed and gamified a simple quizzes into a successful team game that was used in the different recruitment sessions of the company.

Ahold Inhouse Day App


After several meetings and brainstorming session we develop and finalise the concept. A quiz with a very special and team-powered way to answer every question.

The number of members per team is set at the beginning of the round. A serie of questions are displayed one by one, where the members of the team needed to answer individually and at the same time by taping one of the 4 options (a, b, c, d). Then a result screen with all the different answers shows up, being then the moment for the team to talk and discuss their different opinions and agree in one. Finally in the decision screen, the team choose an unique-team answer.

Ahold Inhouse Day App

The app needed to be used by the participants but also by the moderators (to reset the data for next participants), so I decided to integrate a secret gesture at the end of each game. By using the iPad’s multitouch technology we could detect all the different answers of a whole team.


Following the Ahold guidelines and keeping in mind the “game feeling” we wanted to have, I end up with a clean, branded and gamified design that was a success.

Ahold Inhouse Day App

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