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Nomads Agency redesign


While working at the just founded by then Nomads Agency, we needed to upgrade the company website and create a proper experience in line with the new branding and philosophy. The goal was create a new site that quickly engages and creates the best impression at glance.


Together with a whole team we started to research and compile the best in class around the web. We differentiate several elements that were a must be at the site, like full screen images together with clear Call to Actions and a seamless journey.

I started to mockup the homepage, where I decided to apply a little bit of parallax for the main projects showcase. For that I build a quick prototype using HTML5, Javascript and CSS3 in order to have an idea of how it feels and show to the rest of the team the interaction.

There were several interactions and reviews with most of the colleagues, but everybody got involve and happy with the initial mockups and sketches.

Nomads Agency wireframes

The prototype really helped to everyone and specially the developers to understand the flow and how the different slides were covering up the previous ones. The rest of animations came later during the design and first demos.


The design came by the senior designer Kim Hoffenberg, with who I worked very close during all the project.

Nomads Agency design

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