BUX Zero

★★★★ 4,3

BUX Zero is one of the first commission free stock investing app in Europe. Designed for new and experienced investors, providing an easy, intuitive and smooth experience


★★★★ 4,1

BUX X is a stock trading app with a peculiar look and with the mission of introducing and teaching people to the financial market

SKINS – UX Study case

SKINS was an Australian-owned company that specialised in compression sportswear whom I worked together with to increase sales by transforming their e-commerce experience starting with a “mobile first” approach


Transforming and gamifying recruitment sessions for the Dutch international retailer Ahold

UT – Rolls-Royce Marine

“The Ship that Launched a Thousand Stories”: a different way to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the UT Rolls Royce Marine model by sharing stories and experiences of the marine community